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ALICE is a project co-funded by the European Commision under the 7th Framework Programme. It is aimed to define moldels, methodologies and prototype software components able to solve some of the most relevant problems of current e-learning systems and tool such as:

    lack of Interaction: most of the times the only interaction available is to click on "next" button to step through the material presented
  • lack of Challenge: unchallenging material makes the learning experience unattractive and discourages progression
  • lack of Empowerment: the learner expects to control the learning experience, while, often, the learning experience controls and limits the learner
  • lack of Social Identity: the learner is often isolated from his/her peers reducing the collaboration and the learning achieved through social interaction.
ALICE will contribute at overcoming these limitations in specific contexta like instruction of scientific topics and training about emergency and civil defense.

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