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Journal of Universal Computer Science


J.UCS - The Journal of Universal Computer Science - is a high-quality open access electronic publication that deals with all aspects of computer science. J.UCS has been appearing monthly since 1995 and is thus one of the oldest electronic journals with uninterrupted publication since its foundation. J.UCS also appears in an annual printed archive edition. The publication volume comprises more than 1100 peer-reviewed articles.

J.UCS is published by the Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, Austria, in cooperation with Know-Center, Graz, Austria, and IICM , Graz University of Technology, Austria, and is supported by Campus 02.

J.UCS is lead by four editors-in-chief, Hermann Maurer, Graz University of Technology, Austria who also acts as the managing editor, Cristian Calude, Auckland University, New Zealand, Arto Salomaa, Turku University, Finland and Klaus Tochtermann, KNOW Center, Graz, Austria. The editors-in-chief are supported by a 280 member prestigious board of editors that is still growing. The board contains some of the most renowned specialists in their areas of expertise. In this way, both the high standard of the published papers as well as a broad spectrum of publications is guaranteed. J.UCS is indexed by leading scientific databases.

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