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Information Retrieval and Visualization of MPEG-7-based Meeting Information applying the Open Source Tool xFIND

Christian Gütl
Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media, Graz University of Technology , Austria

Key words: meeting information system, multi-modal data, MPEG-7, MISTRAL, xFIND, visualization, Visisland, Search Result Explorer

Face-to-face and virtual meetings increasingly take place in organisational units, and it is apparent that a lot of interesting information is generated in such events. There exist various supporting tools and applications for meeting planning, handling, recording and archiving. However, there is still a gap between meeting information and knowledge transfer in organizations. Thus; one of the objectives of the MISTRAL project is to bridge the gap between available meeting information and the information need for knowledge management, learning and training activities.

The MISTRAL core system automatically processes meeting recordings and provides semantic annotations, such as information about participants, their activities, and speech-to-text extraction. This set on semantic annotations is available as MPEG-7 file format for further usage. The scope of this paper is to discuss information retrieval and visualization of MPEG-7-based meeting information by applying the open source tool xFIND in order to support training and learning activities in organizations.

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