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HyperWave - The Next Generation Web Solution

Hermann Maurer

Institute for Information Processing and Computer Supported Media
Graz University of Technology

With a foreword by Robert Cailliau, CERN

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Find out what all the excitement is about...

Hyper-G represents a new generation of dynamic Web Servers, serving up dynamic hypermedia combinations in depth.
Ted Nelson, Xanadu, USA/Japan

Finally, some sorely needed structure for the Wild Web.
Jakob Nielsen, Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer, USA

It is my pleasure to recommend this volume to anyone who considers setting up an Internet site. Enjoy reading this...description of the most advanced authoring server available.
Robert Caillau, CERN, Switzerland

Written by the team that created Hyper-G and its commercial version, HyperWave, this book is the definitive reference for the next generation hypermedia system for the Internet. If you have a large, complex and highly dynamic information space, and/or if you have, or are seeking to create, a high quality multi-author environment, read this book.

635 Pages
© 1996, Addison Wesley Longman
ISBN 0-201-40346-3

The electronic Hyperwave enhanced version of this book was prepared at the IICM and is used for LIBERATION with kind permission of Addison Wesley Longman.
Foreword Foreword
Preface Preface
Acknowledgments Acknowledgments
Contents Contents
1 Introduction 1 Introduction
2 Information systems and the Internet 2 Information systems and the Internet
3 Hypermedia systems 3 Hypermedia systems
4 Applications of hypermedia systems 4 Applications of hypermedia systems
5 Introducing Hyper-G 5 Introducing Hyper-G
6 Gopher: The first revolution 6 Gopher: The first revolution
7 World Wide Web: A first plateau 7 World Wide Web: A first plateau
8 The need for second-generation hypermedia systems 8 The need for second-generation hypermedia systems
9 The design of Hyper-G 9 The design of Hyper-G
10 The Hyper-G server 10 The Hyper-G server
11 Inside Hyper-G 11 Inside Hyper-G
12 Hyper-G and gateways to external databases 12 Hyper-G and gateways to external databases
13 Hyper-G as a standalone server 13 Hyper-G as a standalone server
14 Hyper-G server installation, maintenance and administration 14 Hyper-G server installation, maintenance and administration
15 Using Harmony 15 Using Harmony
16 Installing and configuring Harmony 16 Installing and configuring Harmony
17 Using the Amadeus client 17 Using the Amadeus client
18 Technical description of Amadeus 18 Technical description of Amadeus
19 Other Hyper-G clients 19 Other Hyper-G clients
20 Hyper-G and WWW 20 Hyper-G and WWW
21 Hyper-G and Gopher 21 Hyper-G and Gopher
22 Structuring information using Hyper-G 22 Structuring information using Hyper-G
23 Authoring with Harmony 23 Authoring with Harmony
24 Authoring with Amadeus 24 Authoring with Amadeus
25 Database manipulation tools 25 Database manipulation tools
26 Hyper-G and the PC-Library 26 Hyper-G and the PC-Library
27 Hyper-G and HM-Card 27 Hyper-G and HM-Card
28 Hyper-G and electronic publishing 28 Hyper-G and electronic publishing
29 Some Web applications based on Hyper-G 29 Some Web applications based on Hyper-G
30 Hyper-G and security 30 Hyper-G and security
31 The future 31 The future
A Online Resources A Online Resources
B About the CD-ROM B About the CD-ROM
C The Hyper-G Consortium C The Hyper-G Consortium
D The Web Society D The Web Society
E Object attributes and the Hyper-G Interchange Format E Object attributes and the Hyper-G Interchange Format
F Hyper-G Client-Server Protocol (HG-CSP) F Hyper-G Client-Server Protocol (HG-CSP)
G SyncScript commands G SyncScript commands
H The authors H The authors
References References