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AdeLE: Adaptive e-Learning



Adaptive e-Learning with Eye Tracking

AdeLE represents a new and innovative approach to adaptive e-learning methods.

Basically, the idea is to introduce an improved, real-time-capable eye-tracking procedure for intelligent user profile deduction on the one hand, and the use of a dynamic background library on the other hand.

By means of eye-tracking, the behaviour of the learner is recorded in real-time and used for adaptive knowledge transfer. This information produces among others detailed user profiles through more targeted identification of the actually consumed knowledge units.

The dynamic background library provides further information to the learning units, corresponding to the needs and knowledge of the learner. Different user-interface approaches to adaptive knowledge transfer will be developed and evaluated. New visualization methods will open successful learning behaviour to the learner and will help identify knowledge connections.

AdeLE enhances adaptive and personalised knowledge transfer processes by merging real-time content-tracking and real-time eye-tracking technologies at the user's side with the functionality of a dynamic background library at the content delivery side.

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